Get back into TopForm

Get back into TopForm

The leading clinic where results meet reward.


Based on medical research, credible results, and approved by the department of health.


Uncontrolled Fat Storage, Symptoms or Disease is often the result of dysfunction. Understanding the body processes will not only trigger the body to lose weight naturally, but achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.


Being overweight and feeling ill or just “not yourself”, is about so much more than just a number on the scale or the size of your pants. Teresa Vos, developer and owner of the TopForm Body Scan, Lifestyle and Weight Loss Clinic in Ballito has been changing lives and for a long time to come will still change lives in a big way.


The testimonials speaks for themselves.


Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Teresa, Believes that effective practitioners of the future will educate and interest clients in the care and knowledge of lifestyle indicators and eating habits by understanding the cause and prevention of disease. Nature, is always the greatest healer.


Most people think they are indeed “ok” and life” just happens” and they have to just “cope” with it. Teresa begs to differ and once you have been to a consultation, you will know the truth and the difference. Health restoration can be achieved in most cases if you are willing to do a little bit of work to assist the body to take it back to its natural, neutral state and restore dysfunction


Changing lives. That is what Teresa does - to guide and mentor people who want to live a healthier life. Teresa’s motto in life is simple: you can either accept things as they are or have the courage and take responsibility to change them.


The time is now to not just lose weight, but to restore all organ function and regain full health and energy. To be able to focus and understand that “stressors” (that come in many forms) are not there to tolerate, but to understand and restore.



The TopForm Way

The TopForm Way

Before embarking on an eating programme each TopForm client undergoes a body scan. Non –Invasive ( fully clothed except for the fact that you remove your shoes) Teresa says the scan and programme are based on medical research and credible results and licensed by the department of health.

The key to using this method is the fact that the individual interpretation is based on her knowledge of numerous physiological and metabolical pathways and finding and implementing solutions to restore and balance those.

“Based on the information we obtain from the scan, the client and Teresa discuss various options that can help them realign their hormones with food combinations which trigger the body to burn its own fat, corrective dietary guidelines or detox programmes with supportive foods and targeted micro nutrition.

The overall results achieved are, in a word, amazing!! Diseases like obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, stress, anxiety, anger and irritability, unexplained migraines, high blood pressure, regulating insulin levels, constipation or diarrhoea, lethargy and chronic fatigue, low energy levels,  disturbed sleeping patterns, frequent flu and even muscle and joint pains are just a few areas that can be addressed. Asked how and why it works, Teresa says, “Food is food". The key is how it is applied with science and micro nutrition to back it up. The main focus is to balance hormones - eating more of the right foods and cutting out wrong foods, can normalize hormone levels. This not only slows the process of ageing and restore health but also boosts weight loss.

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